A Very DC Weekend: One.



There’s something very freeing about living in a city – it’s the ability to go anywhere and do anything, not being tied down to having a car and, without the responsibility of being a college student, not having any work outside of work. Granted, that will change when I start making more happen again at a Staples in Washington, D.C., but for this weekend, I enjoyed taking the time to relax, be active and take advantage of a fantastic weather weekend.

On Saturday, I got myself up and out of bed pretty easily. It seems like I’m adopting the old routine of waking up early-ish and not wasting the day away. It’s fun to get older.

I hopped on my bike, and began the nearly five mile trek out to an old favorite of mine – Gravelly Point Park. The park sits on the edge of the Potomac River and at the end of one side of the runway for Reagan National Airport.


At Gravelly, I sat and talked with my grandmother on the phone, ate some lunch and read my book. In the process, I got a terrible sunburn, but that’s to be expected when you’re as pale as I am and you don’t wear sunblock.

I took advantage of the long trip to Gravelly and focused on seeing some of my much-loved DC sights on the way back. I know there are people who have lived here for a lot longer than I have, but I’m not sure I will ever tire of the monuments and landmarks in this city.


On the way back, I stopped by the Jefferson Memorial, passed the (newly-opened!) Washington Monument and, of course, rode past the White House.


On Sunday, I had breakfast at Union Market in Northeast DC. Union Market is basically an indoor farmer’s market, but done really really well. The place is mildly expensive, but for a once-per-week treat, it’s definitely worth it.

After Union Market, I hopped on the Metro and went down to Nationals Park to see the Washington Nationals take on the New York Mets – nothing like a good baseball game to truly make you feel at home. I went with my good friend Alaina, who had just arrived in town for the summer the day before.


Naturally, the Nationals won.

In an attempt to avoid the crowds, I decided to walk up to a different metro stop on a separate line to get back home. Well, instead, I was distracted by the allure of the Capitol building.


I ended up skipping the metro and walking the nearly three miles home. Worth it.

Even when I start working on the weekends, I’m still looking forward to being able to grab my little moments of DC life in my off hours, provided I’m not too exhausted. It was a good weekend, and definitely a great way to gear up for another busy week at work.

For a quick recap about my previous work week, check out this post. And, in case you’re curious, you can catch up on all of the work I’ve done so far with FedScoop (my latest employer), right here.